Fill&Go card can be used for pump identification, payment in Hei restaurants and Rompetrol station stores as a regular shopping card.

It is an immediate solution to optimize fueling time and financial resources. It is secured with chip, being identifiable through a unique series written on it and by the customer Fill&Go code that is assigned to the card owner. It's a card that you can fund with whatever amount you want, whenever you want and brings you a lot of benefits at Rompetrol stations.

You can fund your Fill&Go account with various amounts, through numerous payment methods, including online, and you can see the transaction records and discounts from your Fill&Go account. In addition, you can offer cards to your family members.

Fill&Go Card can be used on the Rompetrol, Rompetrol Partner * and Expres * fuel station network.

*only for fuel


You have many benefits with the Fill&Go Credit card


Fill&Go Debit or Credit card can be used for both pump identification and payment in Hei restaurants and Rompetrol station stores as a regular shopping card.

Fill&Go is the only no-interest fuel card you can use to fuel wherever you want, as much as you need and pay once a month.


5% monthly discount on shopping at the station store

For Hei products and Rompetrol station stores you benefit from a preferential price applied to your shopping value, within the monthly consumption limit.


You make the transaction directly at the pump

*Full list of stations on

** This card is intended exclusively for individuals. The 5% discount applies to products in our own station stores, excepting the following: fuels, LPG, tobacco products, newspapers, magazines, books, rechargeable calling cards, music.


You can opt for flexible consumption limits ranging from 300 to 1,500 lei.

Fill in the standard forms available in Rompetrol stations*.

After checking and validating your documents, the Fill&Go package with the card, pin, and operation instruction is delivered to your chosen station.

If you are in a hurry, you can quickly get a consumption limit of 300 or 600 lei.

If you need a higher consumption threshold, fill in the income certificate and submit it at Rompetrol stations along with the rest of the documents.

The cost of card issuance is 10 lei and the annual administration fee is 20 lei.

Fill in the standard forms (card request and contract) available at any Rompetrol * station or online below.

  • ID document copy
  • Card initiation form
  • Purchase agreement - 2 copies
  • Income certificate
  • Appendix to the card initiation form - 3 copies
  • Utility invoice for home or mailing address not older than one month



You can use the card at Rompetrol, Rompetrol Express and Rompetrol Partners stations. You can pay modernly and easily, directly at the pump, within the limits of your monthly approved consumption.

Fill&Go Debit or Credit card can be used for both pump identification and payment in Hei restaurants and Rompetrol station stores as a regular shopping card.

  1. Before fueling, insert the card into the reader attached to the pump
  2. Type the PIN code for the card.
  3. The maximum amount for fueling will appear on the screen. Get the card out.
  4. Once the amount is displayed, you can fuel your car. The pump stops automatically when the limit is reached.
  5. After fueling, you can ask your card reader to print the receipt with all the details you need.



  • Access and view invoice details on
  • Monthly invoice sent by postal service or e-mail
  • SMS notification of invoice issuance and payment amount at maturity
  • SMS notification when reaching the purchase limit

Full list of stations on


Payment is made every month for fuelings and purchases in the previous month, based on the invoice.



Pay once a month: fuel and purchase from Rompetrol station store and receive the monthly invoice. Besides, this is the only no-interest fuel card.

To make the payment, you have several options:

1. Direct Debit - online at Raiffeisen Bank's ATMs or counters

For payment at Raiffeisen Bank ATMs, the following details must be specified:

  • Customer ID
  • CNP (Personal Identification Number)
  • The amount

For online payment, the following details must be specified:

  • Customer’s name
  • Customer ID
  • Customer’s e-mail address
  • Customer’s phone number
  • The amount

2. At the Fill&Go counters in all Rompetrol stations. Payment can be made 7 days from 7, 24 hours a day.


3. ​​​Bank transfer to any bank in Romania in one of the following accounts: 

Recipient: Rompetrol Downstream S.R.L.


  • Bank: BCR Sector 1

IBAN: RO06 RNCB 0072 0013 3914 0018


  • Bank: Raiffeisen Bank

IBAN: RO41 RZBR 0000 0600 1829 0169


  • Bank: ING Bank

IBAN: RO83 INGB 0001 0081 9457 8930


Fill in the name and customer ID of the contract holder, the paid invoice number and the payment amount. The payment order will be sent by fax to 021 206 00 20 and 0372 612 020 or by e-mail to

4. Online through Fill&Go Manager  

  • You must create your account in advance.
  • There is no lower or upper limit on the amount that you fund.
  • Money is immediately available. 
  • You must use the latest Internet browsers and an OS which is minimum Windows 7.




To be permanently informed about previously made purchases and fuelings as well as the payment status:

  • Visit
  • You will arrive at a “https” link that will prompt you to access the next link
  • Select “Account activation” button
  • Fill in the required information, i.e.: the customer ID you find on the invoice; long card series; e-mail address
  • You will receive an authorization code by e-mail with which you will set up a user and a password to access your personal account
  • Select “OK” button

After successfully registering, you can view your account containing the following information:

  • The “Client ID” field contains information about your account: customer code, customer name, e-mail address, card limit (offered), fuel limit (available), current balance (transaction value), number of cards.
  • The “Transactions” field contains the fuel and product transactions, with the possibility to filter the desired period.
  • The “Payments” field contains payments made over a specific period.
  • The “Invoices” field allows you to view invoices with details of invoiced transactions.