Students and graduates

We have a tradition of over 15 years in running internship programs

With a 15-year history, the Internship program was launched in Rompetrol on the Petromidia and Vega platforms, with Rompetrol being among the first companies to identify the opportunity to attract and train young people in this field.

Over 1000 high school and college graduates have attended our internship programs and more than half of them have become colleagues in member companies of KMG International in different sectors of activity.

The program has been expanded in recent years in Bucharest, looking for future colleagues in the following fields: Financial, Logistics, Human Resources, Internal Communication, CSR, Procurement.

The internship program is aimed at students and master students, offering them the opportunity to put into practice the knowledge gained during the studies.

In 2017, more than 100 students are invited to take part in the internship program within the two refineries of the Group, Petromidia and Vega, and 41 others will be trained at Bucharest headquarters for corporate positions. Young talents will be trained by professionals in various business segments such as refining and petrochemicals, laboratory analysis, maintenance, planning, occupational safety and environmental protection, finance and accounting, human resources, procurement, marketing, commercial and logistics.


  • Energy and enthusiasm
  • Desire to grow and develop yourself within a team
  • Ambition and passion for what you do; Proactivity and openness to new solutions
  • Determination and ability to learn quickly

The program in Bucharest lasts 3 months and takes place in two sessions: spring (April-June) and autumn (October-December).

In Ploiesti and Constanta, the program lasts 2 months during the summer, in August-September.


Send your CV at or visit the Carreers section on our LinkedIn page.

Over the years, we have developed a close collaboration with universities in Romania and abroad, implementing a range of programs to attract younger workers.

We are actively trying to build long-term partnerships with top universities in Romania. We have partnerships with key academic institutions in Bucharest, Ploiesti and Constanta. We collaborate almost every year with the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest, Petroleum and Gas University in Ploiesti, Ovidius University in Constanta, Polytechnic University in Bucharest.


Send your CV at or visit the Carreers section on LinkedIn Rompetrol page.