Fill&Go has designed for you a diesel fuel tank that's always at hand. Thus you will avoid crowding, queues, you will be able to control the amount of fuel you need at all times and find out why quick access to resources is a real convenience.

Components of Fill&Go Fixed Unit:

  • Fuel tank with 9 CBM capacity. 
  • Retention basin that prevents leakage.
  • Pump with increased flow. 
  • Protective roof.
  • Display of the fuel level in the tank.
  • Ring fuel system.


  • The tank will only be supplied with Efix Diesel.
  • The mechanical pump has a flow rate of 70 L/minute.
  • Stopcock installed for tanks emptying when cleaning.
  • Technological innovation requires minimal intervention of the human factor (fueling and verification only), everything being done automatically.
  • For proper use, the tank must be installed in a perfectly horizontal plane (if you do not have a concrete platform, Rompetrol provides you with the platform sketch).
  • The tank is equipped with the Fill&Go system, and fueling is only made with Fill&Go Ring and Fill&Go EasyRing. It is also equipped with a complex technological system that allows the collection of information.
  • The collected information is sent via internet and is structured as reports made available to you through the Fill&Go Fuel Control application.
  • Rompetrol is responsible for transporting and installing the tank in the chosen location. 
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Fill&Go Fixed Unit - a fuel tank located directly at your company’s address. It uses the basic components of Fill&Go Fuel Control - Fill&Go Ring and Fill&Go Fuel Control - and implicitly incorporates their benefits. In addition, Fill&Go Fixed Unit offers a convenient location and more rigorous fueling control.

Fill&Go Fixed Unit comprises of the following components: 

  • A fuel tank with 20 CBM capacity. 
  • Rapid pump with an electronic ring that allows fueling only after the car has been identified (Fill&Go Ring).
  • A non-fiscal printer. 
  • An automatic stock reader.
  • A customer display. 



  • Fill&Go Fixed Unit is provided in custody, under conditions of a minimum monthly supply of 60 CBM.
  • Consumption management using Fill&Go Fuel Control application. 
  • Stock management and automatic quality fuel supply, Efix Diesel or Efix (as required), specially additivated for engine protection. 


  • Preparation of the placement space and obtaining the authorization for Fill&Go Fixed Unit. 
  • Cost of placement and maintenance of Fill&Go Fixed Unit.
  • Equipping the fleet with the Fill&Go Ring system. 



  • Proximity - the tank is located right in your company’s yard.
  • Preventing fuel fraud, efficient management and full fleet control using Fill&Go Ring and Fill&Go Fuel Control. 
  • Full management of fleet fueling (the system records both fueling from Fill&Go Fixed Unit and from Rompetrol stations. 
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A true innovation in the field, Fill&Go Ring is a solution that allows complete fleet control by automatically identifying the vehicles fueled in Rompetrol stations. This identification is possible due to a device mounted on the vehicle.

This device consists of 2 elements: 

  • The Vehicle Identification Unit (UIA) records car identification data (company, department, registration number). Records mileage on the dashboard, engine running hours and other events between two fuelings.

  • Transmitter-receiver ring mounted around the fuel tank slot that is connected to a UIA cable. 



  • The fueling process begins when the pump gun is inserted into the fuel tank of the vehicle. At this point, the ring mounted around the car’s tank communicates with the pump equipment (a receiving-emitting ring mounted on the pump gun), and all vehicle information is checked and the fueling is approved with the right type of fuel.

  • At the end of the fueling process, the amount of fuel, the fuel type, the fueling time and date, car’s registration number, mileage on the dashboard, engine running hours, etc. will be automatically recorded.

  • All this information contributes to generating reports, graphs and analysis useful to fleet managers on: average consumption per vehicle/fleet, vehicle maintenance period, performance monitoring, etc.



  • The fully automated process of authorizing fueling and reporting of dashboard data, resulting in 100% accuracy of information (users who have implemented the solution have experienced 10% -25% consumption drops).

  • Enhances fleet management and accounting through reports, graphs, and analysis provided online by Fill&Go MANAGER.

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