Rompetrol supports the fight against COVID-19 pandemic in Romania

Rompetrol - KMG International continues to support the Romanian health system in the context of the COVID19 pandemic by donating fuel for emergency medical transport, financing research and purchasing equipment, test kits and medical supplies for the medical units in the communities where we operate.

“Crises are a test of solidarity and social responsibility, both for the civil society and for companies. During this vulnerable time that concerns us all, we have decided to support the public health system together with our partners from Fundaţia pentru SMURD, by purchasing 2500 testing kits for COVID-19, but also by supporting the National Institute for Medical-Military Development Research "Cantacuzino" in its research on the typology of virus circulating in Romania. Moreover, we want to take care of our communities in Constanţa and Prahova, which is why we will donate both fuel and medical supplies to local medical institutions." Alexey Golovin, Chief, Legal and Corporate Affairs.

“The activity of our foundation is meant to support the efforts made by the Romanian authorities in the fight against the spread of the COVID-19 virus. The involvement of everyone, both at individual and collective level, is vital, and the support provided by our long-time partner Rompetrol is equally important, as we are able to continue testing and researching this virus, so that together we can be successfully overcome this difficult period." Raed Arafat, President, Fundatia pentru SMURD.

Together with Fundatia pentru SMURD, our partner for more than 10 years, we will support the health care system with 2500 PCR tests (SuperScript™ III Platinum™ One-Step qRT-PCR), but also the activity of the National Institute for Medical-Military Development "Cantacuzino" with the reagents needed to develop the method for identifying the type of COVID-19 virus present in Romania (the genome analysis necessary to identify the national specificity and potential genetic mutations).

Our communities from Constanta and Prahova, where we operate, represent a priority for us and we want to offer our support during this difficult situation. Through our partnership with the Dăruieşte Aripi association, we are donating 37,000 litres of fuel to the Constanta Ambulance Service, which will be used to provide emergency assistance, medical transport and emergency consultations across Constanţa county. Our support offers the possibility of reallocating internal fuel funds to the purchase of sanitary materials and protective equipment.

In Prahova county, through Rompetrol Well Services, member of KMG International Group, we will support the purchase of equipment for the implementation of Real Time PCR technique, which will facilitate fast testing of patients at local level, medical protective equipment for the hospital units in the region.

Moreover, the partnership with the Dăruieşte Aripi association is meant to support the medical staff from Prahova and Constanţa counties, the people who are most vulnerable in this fight and whose constant effort to diminish the effects of this pandemic is utterly important. The association maintains permanent contact with the doctors and the entire healthcare personnel from regional hospitals, in order to help them and to make their work easier.